To manage the communication channels of a brand there's a constant need for quality content and flexibility but there are not always budgets to meet this need.
The project "Shared Content Productions" was born exactly to meet this need.

Unlike a dedicated content production where costs are really high and output limited, with a shared production our agency amortizes the costs of the team, dividing the total price across multiple companies, offering customers quality shooting at competitive prices.

This type of production is based on the simple need of brands to communicate through quality content and with great frequency. Mercurio Studio has therefore created a specific package dedicated to this.

The main advantages for your brand.


Our Agency will organize everything.

Our agency will take care of the logistics and the organization of the shooting and all its figures.


Reduced costs for content production.

The budget for the figures of the team will be amortized among several brands that will then share location and team.


Content in unique locations that can be used for brand communication.

Selection of locations in Italy with great aesthetic impact, unique in their kind.

2022 Edition
Dolce Vita Production

In the last edition of “Dolce Vita Production” lasted five days of shooting in the beautiful context of the Amalfi Coast we produced over 400 content between photos and videos used by 8 Brands in their social media communication / web site.




Contents produced

Backstage Production 2022

Some "behind the scenes" of our work...

Next Edition
Shared Content Production 2023

For 2023, Mercurio has selected 4 of the most iconic locations in Italy.

Whether it’s the magical Venice, the famous Tuscan hills, the romantic Lake Como or the exciting Puglia, the brand will get professional content with which to present themselves on the market.

Tuscany - Chianti

20 - 24 February 2023


13-16 March 2023

Como Lake

15-19 May 2023

Apulia - Ostuni

19-22 June 2023


The package includes: Creative Direction, Coordination, 1x Location Selection, Logistics, 2 x Professional Models, MUA & Hairstylist, Photographer, Videomaker, Fashion Stylist, material agreed with the customer.

The package does not include: shipping of the products to our offices, extra social/ web usage rights.

The products must be shipped to our offices in Jesolo (VE) where we will arrange it for production.

No, the presence of the company during the shooting will not be necessary.

The material will be delivered in 14 working days from the end of the shooting.


  • Tuscany: 20 – 24 February
  • Venice: 13 – 16 March
  • Como Lake: 15 – 19 May
  • Apulia: 19 – 22 June

The company can choose ONE of the following locations.
In case of a request for more than one location, we will make an ad hoc quote, meeting the company needs.

Tra le parti verrà realizzato un contratto, definendo le modalità di esecuzione e pagamento. Chiediamo un anticipo pari al 50% del preventivo (a fronte delle spese da sostenere) e il restante 50% a consegna materiale.

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